`The Force is what gives a BassJedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things.
It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.



The BassJedi Order is thousands of years old. Their origin lies in the year 20,000 BBY. The BassJedi are presumably formed simultaneously with the Galactic Republic. The original BassJedi Order, known as the ancient Jedi Order. At that time, the BassJedi served as a foundation to serve the music. BassJedi were all recruited at a very young age, after which they would devote their whole life to the order. Only a few times has it happened that a BassJedi from himself left the order, including some famous BassJedimasters. Theseare known as the "Lost ones."

The Bass of a Jedi is basically unique and strictly personal, and perhaps the only property of a BassJedi. The most famous part of a bass is the wood that the energy from power applied to the hilt combines a sound of unprecedented proportion. The BassJedi are trained in the use of the Force, a mysterious energy that connects everything in the universe. The Jedi use this strength in defense and as an aid in fighting. The Force is a BassJedi's main ally.


Jedi Student / Youth Ling / Initiate: an unofficial title for Jedi training. Young Jedi receive joint training in the basic techniques of the Jedi to around their 10th birthday. If they are not then chosen by a Jedi Master as their Padawan, they are further trained for another job within the Jedicorps. Padawan: a name given to a Jedi in training being personally trained by a Jedi Master. Not all young Jedi chosen by a Jedi Master to be their student. Every Jedi should train only one Padawan at a time. Jedi Knight: Jedi a graduate. This is the most common rank among the Jedi. In order to promote Padawan to Jedi Knight a Padawan must pass a special test (Jedi Trial), or do something exceptional.
Jedi Master: a Jedi Knight become a Jedi Master have successfully trained after at least a Padawan. Jedi Masters are stronger and more experienced than Jedi Jedi Knights. Jedicouncilor: the Jedicouncilor is formed by some of the wisest and most experienced Jedi Masters, and sometimes a few Jedi Knights. Jedi Grand Master/Supreme Master/High Master: only the strongest and the wisest Jedi get this title.




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